ℹ️ What will our meeting be like?

1- As soon as you enter, you will have to take off your shoes. For hygiene reasons; as you will be on your knees at my feet most of the time.

2- Remember My Tribute as soon as you take off your shoes. Don't make me remind you, be a good slave.

3- I will provide the bathroom for you to wash yourself, clean your body, mouth, and hands. All your clothing should be on the entrance sofa or in the bathroom.

4- I will wait for you in the main room where I will put a hood and a collar on you. That way, you will be like all the other slaves. One face.

5- Let's talk about your desires and limits.

6- I will start the session, I don't like to be interrupted. I'm not an actress, and I like to give my best in my sessions.

7- Once you achieve mental and physical pleasure, the session will be successfully concluded.

8- Remember to leave the bathroom as you found it. Clean and organized for the next slave.

9- Remember to respect my space. Be polite and a true gentleman.